Powerpoint Presentation of Speakers

Keynote 1:

  • Strong Families: The Whats, Whys and Hows

Plenary Session 1:

  • Bersamamu: Inspiring Strong and Resilient Muslim Marriages
  • KidSTART: Singapore's Strategy for Enhancing Social Mobility - Innovating Evidence-Informed Practice and Service Delivery

Concurrent Sessions 1:

  • Programme Review of the Financial Management and Support Programme to Low-Income Families with Debt Issues
  • Strengthening Marital and Family Relationships through an Upstream, Integrated, Regional, and Multi-Disciplinary Approach: Strengthening Families [email protected] Service Centre ([email protected])

Concurrent Sessions 2:

  • Childhood Trauma Matters: Understanding Typologies of Childhood Traumatic Experiences and Associations with Internalizing Symptoms Among Young Adults
  • Co-Parenting Styles and the Impact on Child's Well-Being

Concurrent Sessions 4:

  • From 3A to 4A
  • Discovering the Hidden Youth in Singapore: Novel Outreach Approaches Used by Fei Yue Community Services
  • Wonderful Life Workshop: Design of Life Review Followed by Forward Planning for End-Of-Life Matters Helped Seniors to Face Inevitable Death with Acceptance

Concurrent Sessions 5:

  • Domestic Violence During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Synthesis of Systematic Review Evidence
  • What's Behind The Clutter? An Exploratory Study on Social Work Professionals' Management of Hoarding Cases in Montfort Care

Concurrent Sessions 6:

  • Family Experiences, Histories and Indigenous Teenage Mothers(ITM) in Taiwan: A Life Course Perspective

Keynote 2:

  • Family Policies in Empowering Families in Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19

Plenary Session 2:

  • Hikikomori Syndrome and Game Addiction Innovating Family and Social Life in the Pandemic Era
  • Changes and Challenges in Family: Before, During, and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Covid-19, Economic Hardships and Mental Health: A Mixed-Method Study on Low-Income Mothers and Children

Day 3 Conference:

  • Hong Kong SAR Perspective: Integrated Family Service Centres in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region