Wofoo 3A Project 2022 Final Round Adjudication

The Asian Award for Advancing Family Well-Being Project (3A Project) was launched in 2010 and since then it is conducted every other year with sponsorship from Wofoo Social Enterprises. It has been recognised as one of CIFA's most significant, valuable, and sustainable activities, especially in the spirit of "Aspiration for Sustainability, Innovation, and Applicability" (ASIA). It actualises the mission and vision of creating a platform for trans-disciplinary collaboration and exchange while giving recognition to outstanding and innovative projects.

Success of this regional initiative has been notable in the past few years. It does not only actualise the "ASIA" spirit, but has played a significant role in the transfer of knowledge and good practice, for early detection, prevention and intervention on family problems. Since 2010, it has attracted 234 projects which address common issues affecting family well-being in Asia, bringing forth innovative and effective strategies that can be replicated or adapted to meet cultural differences. Through sharing and exchange, professionals do not need to reinvent the wheel but instead, may achieve better results with less, saving much time and resources on experimenting effective strategies and practices in family work. In order to identify the best practices adopted by the 3A project awardees and consolidate the social impacts of this regional initiative of CIFA, a Study on Best Practices and the Social Impacts of the Wofoo 3A Project has been conducted in collaboration with the research team from the Sau Po Centre on Ageing of The University of Hong Kong, with the findings presented at the 6th CIFA Regional Symposium in June 2021.

The commitment of encouraging joint effort and exchange among professionals to promote family well-being through the Wofoo 3A Project has received formal recognition from the United Nations with presence of its representatives in the Award Presentation Ceremonies in Seoul in 2016 and in Hong Kong in 2018 respectively, and the Opening Ceremony of the Exchange Programme in Hong Kong in 2017. The Wofoo 3A Project has been uploaded onto the United Nations Portal and featured in the report by the Secretary General to the General Assembly.

This year, after initial screening and a Second Round Adjudication, eight finalist teams have been selected from the participating projects to enter the Final Round Adjudication, to be held at the CIFA Regional Symposium & MSF Asian Family Conference 2022 on 9 November 2022 in Singapore. While the Adjudication Panel will decide on the Gold, Silver, Bronze, Best Collaborative Award and the Most Innovative Award-winning teams, every participant attending the session will be involved in the election of the "My Favourite Project" among the eight finalist teams. A new award, namely the "Bringing Hope Home Award", is added to give recognition to the project which demonstrates the most effort to enhance resilience and bring hope to the families in coping with the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Award Presentation Ceremony will take place at the Gala Dinner of the Symposium on the same day.


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